Civil-military cooperation during an outbreak

Jacobine Janse, military doctor for the Netherlands Ministry of Defense, with a specialist medical training in Community Healthcare, started designing her PhD at the Athena Institute around the topic of civil-military collaboration during an outbreak just before the COVID-19 pandemic happened. She could not have foreseen that her research would become more relevant than ever.

Experiences from the past have learned that in times of crisis civil authorities look at the military, also for non-conflict related crises. These crises include outbreaks of infectious diseases, like Ebola in 2014. In cases where the military supports the civil authorities, the concept of civil-military cooperation appears. This civil-military cooperation is included by the WHO who stresses that a common preparedness among different sectors is needed to perform a sufficient response to an outbreak. The military is mentioned as one of these sectors. The current situation around COVID-19 provides major opportunities to better understand this kind of civil-military cooperation. With her PhD, Jacobine aims to do so.

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