FIT4FOOD2030 and COVID-19

The FIT4FOOD2030 project supports the urgently needed change in the European food system as it is today. The current way of producing, processing, transporting, consuming and wasting food is not sustainable, particularly if we want to provide food and nutrition security for our future generations. The global disruptive effects of the recent COVID-19 outbreak, are also affecting the work of FIT4FOOD2030. Our project relies on stakeholder engagement for the work performed by our City and Food Labs and Policy Labs across Europe, but also in the many other activities organized by the partners of our consortium. In order to continue our work in the coming months, we will move towards digital solutions to facilitate interactive sessions on the future of European food systems.

On this page we collect information on the relation between COVID-19 and food systems, how to engage public online, foresight articles on post COVID-19, present stories of how our Labs are dealing with the changing situation, and offer project tools that might be useful to (digitally) engage with stakeholders on the future food systems.

Written by Kristiaan Kok


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